Player Safety

Safety of our ruggers is always top of mind. This is evident from the Club’s positive attitude to accreditation, as well as Rugby Australia’s extreme focus on player welfare and injury prevention.


HVRC subscribes to Rugby Australia’s Child Safe Framework and Safeguarding Children Guidelines that underpin the Member Protection Policy. Our Club Secretary, Vanessa Simmonds, is the designated Member Protection Contact (MPC).

In addition, each of our coaches have current Working With Children Checks (WWCC).

Welfare and Injury Prevention

Rugby is a contact sport, and some injuries are almost inevitable. All rugby organisations go to great lengths to teach and train their players the correct techniques of the game – especially around the head area.

This emphasis on safety is paying dividends. A 2019 study* by the Murdoch Children’s Research Centre found that children are more likely to experience a serious brain injury from recreational sports – bike riding showed 20X the number of serious brain injuries when compared to rugby!


Properly recognising and treating concussion has been a major focus from our national Body (Rugby Australia) right down to grassroots clubs. Referees are as responsible as coaches, and now carry a special ‘Blue Card’ that shows a player has been sent off for suspected concussion (U13 and older). Once this happens, the Rugby Australia Concussion Protocol MUST be followed.

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