Mini’s U6-U9

Mini’s is all about FUN! The game is modified for each age-group to give them a safe, gradual introduction to the game.


The U6-U9 teams play in Saturday morning competitions centred around our local districts. Emphasising the fun aspect, games are not scored – although you can count on the kids keeping their own tally of tries scored! Training is on a Thursdays, 5:30pm at our Deerubbin Fields.

HVRC U6 and U7

U6 and U7 are NO-TACKLE games where we emphasise fun, teamwork and the basics of rugby – passing (backwards!) and safe 2-handed ‘tags’ on the shorts, with lots of try scoring.

U6 & U7 play in teams of 7 on a 1/4-size field. U6 play 2x 10 min halves, while U7 play 2x 15-min halves.

HVRC U8 and U9

U8 and U9 progress to learning and practicing safe tackles, while practicing their passing and catching skills. We also introduce no-contest (no pushing) scrums and line-outs to add to gameplay.

U8 games feature teams of 7 on a 1/2-size field for 2x 15 min halves with no-contest scrums of 3 players per team.

U9 games have teams of 10 on a 1/2-size field for 2x 20 min halves. No-contest scrums have 5 players per team.

Safety of our players is paramount. Read more about Player Welfare and Injury Prevention.