The most important consideration in the management of concussion or a potential concussion is the welfare and safety of the player.

Rugby Australia

We have a collective responsibility to watch over our children and friends. Parents, match officials, coaches, and team players all need to act in the best interest of the player.

A concussion is a brain injury and must be taken seriously. All players with potential head injuries or concussion must be removed from the field of play immediately.

A player suspected of having suffered a concussion will be shown a blue card by the match referee and will take no further part in the match.

Rugby Australia maintains a detailed Concussion Management Procedure on their website that we will follow.

If a player is found to be concussed, they MUST complete the Graduated Return to Play and be assessed by a Doctor before they can return to play – practice included!

World Rugby have produced an excellent app about concussion recognition and management. App Store | Google Play